Business Courses of Study

This is a 15 week course running Tuesday through Friday 8:30-3:30
We focus mostly on Pet Styling, and handling the pets.  You will learn many unique styles. All your AKC and Pet trims for each breed and cats will be addressed. 95% of this course is hands on training including:
1.  Usage of bathing, force drying, and cleaning preparations
2.  Shave downs and Scissoring
3.  Cleaning Ears
4.  Clipping Nails
5.  Brushing Teeth
6.  Animal First-Aid
7.  Animal health problems (by breed)
8.  Animal Behavior (by breed)
9.  Animal parasite recognition and removal
10. Grooming tool usage and maintenance
11. Grooming of all breeds and mixed breeds
14. Basic Business operation
If you enjoy getting up and moving around all day,  then this is the job for you. All you need is a good pair of working hands, patience and a true love for animals.  However, this is not for your light hearted animal lover,  this course can be stressful and intense at times.  Dealing with animal behavioral problems is not overlooked.  It is physically demanding, but a person can come check it out before signing up. Call Melissa at 563-391-5535 to set up a time. 
Certificate Upon Completion if all standards through the school are met.  Or a certificate of Participation will be awarded. 
There is no certification required to become a groomer, however, it is extremely difficult to find employment with NO training.
Tuition Cost $4800.00.
Includes a $300.00  Registration Fee (non-refundable)
A monthly "Payment Schedule" can be arranged with a 4% Interest or finance charge added.  Monthly payments to the school would be $1170.00 Starting the first day of the course.

Now offering a short Bathing course.
Get your foot in the door at  a grooming shop.
Here you will learn bathing, blow drying, Nails, ears, and brush outs.

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